Weird Nature: Episode 1 - Marvelous Motion

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Title: Weird Nature: Episode 1 - Marvelous Motion
Producer: BBC, John Downer
Category: Nature, Weird Nature
Views: 4913
Added: Jul 3rd 2010
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This BBC/DISCOVERY series reveals some of the strangest behaviour in the animal world. In a series of action-packed sequences, tyres fall from a truck and disturb salamanders, which turn into living wheels. Mexican jumping beans spring to life and take over a toy store. Fulmars use projectile vomit to attack a climber. Hagfish slime their way out of a fishing boat by turning water into mucus soup.

A skunk teaches the hardest street gang a lesson in break-dancing. Animal junkies get high on some strange drugs and we even discover nature’s alcoholics. Using new filming techniques and some extraordinary special FX – this is nature as never seen before.


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