Tribe S01E05 - Darhad

BBC, Steve Robinson, Graham Johnston, Bruce Parry (presenter)

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Title: Tribe S01E05 - Darhad
Producer: BBC, Steve Robinson, Graham Johnston, Bruce Parry (presenter)
Category: Society, Tribe
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Added: Jul 31st 2010
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Over several years, Parry spent a month living with fifteen different tribes in remote regions of the world. The result is an insight into wildly differing cultures that are vibrant, hospitable and full of spirit despite numerous hardships.

Parry’s insatiable curiosity takes him deep into the heart of each community, whether they be forest people, cannibals or nomadic herders, where beyond the obvious differences, he finds the same loves, trials and issues we have the world over.

His encounters also throw up some thought-provoking and challenging questions: is change good? Should we protect tribes people? And, more importantly, who are we to impose our own cultural sensitivities in our judgment of their customs?

Along the way, Parry takes part in some ridiculously dangerous rituals, which include taking mammoth amounts of a potentially lethal hallucinogen, having his penis forced back into his body and eating rats’ livers cake. He also forges new friendships that will last him a lifetime.


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