The Samurai

History Channel, Tony Long

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Title: The Samurai
Producer: History Channel, Tony Long
Category: History
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Added: Apr 11th 2011
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For eight centuries, the Samurai were an honored part of Japanese society. Pledging their lives to the protection and service of the ruling Shoguns, the Samurais were among the most skilled and disciplined warriors of all time.

This documentary journeys back to an exotic world of shimmering beauty and sudden death to tell the riveting tale of these legendary fighters. Military experts and leading scholars unveil the mysteries surrounding their training and influence, and detail the unique role they played in society. Learn the incredible stories of some of the most famous Samurai of all time, and examine the stringent code of honor known as Bushido that they were bound by. Finally, see how their legend and legacy has trickled down to the present, and how many of the Samurai ideals are embraced by Japanese society as it looks to the dawn of the next millennium.

From their ancient origins in Feudal Japan to the terrifying fighters of Hollywood blockbusters, here is the story of the legendary warriors known as samurai.


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