The Legend of Ruby Ridge

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Title: The Legend of Ruby Ridge
Producer: The Secret Rulers of the World, Jon Ronson
Category: Society
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Added: Aug 1st 2010
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The Secret Rulers of the World is a five-part documentary film, produced by World of Wonder Productions and written, directed by and featuring British journalist Jon Ronson. The series of parts was first shown on the British television network Channel 4 on April 2001. The documentary accompanied Ronson's book Them: Adventures with Extremists, which covered similar topics and described many of the same episodes. Both the series and book detail Ronson's encounters following theorists and activists residing on the cusp of the political, religious, and sociological norms

Part 1: The Legend of Ruby Ridge

Jon Ronson meets with Randy Weaver  and daughter Rachel, two surviving members of the Weaver family. The film shows previously unseen archive footage to describe the life of a family who claim to have moved to a cabin in Ruby Ridge, Idaho  to live peacefully, and escape what they saw as the tyrannical elite of international bankers bent on enslaving the world. Ronson also explains how the Weaver family's conspiracy theories became a shocking tragedy when the American Government killed two of the family members, their dog, and shot and wounded Kevin Harris, whom the Weaver family considered their son. Ronson explores the unsympathetic media response to the killings and how this incident might have influenced the siege at Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and the growth of the America militia movement.


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