SAS Survival Secrets - Episode 05

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Title: SAS Survival Secrets - Episode 05
Producer: BBC, Charlie Clay
Category: SAS Survival Secrets, Military
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Added: Jan 28th 2011
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British Minister Long’s visit to the fictional war-torn country of Mostovia has ended in disaster. She and the Mostovian Prime Minister have been taken hostage by terrorists. Eddie’s four-man bodyguarding team has been tasked with their rescue. After the Prime Minister is murdered by the terrorists, they have no choice but to storm the building and rescue the surviving hostages. We reveal how a counter-terrorist team prepares for and conducts a building assault. We look at the various methods of entry (from explosives to Land Rovers) used by the SAS. We examine the training and skills needed in the room to room fighting of Close Quarter Battle, and find out whether Eddie and his team manage to rescue the Minister safely. The scenario is fictitious, but the techniques and specialist skills shown are real, based on SAS procedure. In this episode, John McAleese reunites for the first time with Sim Harris, the man whose life he saved in the Iranian Embassy siege.


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