Project 10:10:10 - Pill or Perception?

Darren Manden, Theresa Grainger

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Title: Project 10:10:10 - Pill or Perception?
Producer: Darren Manden, Theresa Grainger
Category: Mystery
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Added: Feb 26th 2012
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Project 101010 interviews some of today's leading experts in the field of human consciousness and explores the question - Pill or Perception?... The message is about wellness and everyone's role they play in self-care and self-education.


Bruce H. Lipton, Biology, Robin Kelly, Pat Armitstead, Positive Psychology, Daniel Astinotti, Dana Bilbe, Joe Dispenza, John Francis, NLP, Rob McIntyre, Wellness, Richard Moat, Deborah Murtagh, Ross Ormsby, Access Consciousness, Don Kaimi Pilipovich, Camillia Temple, Emily Gower, Darren Manden, Theresa Grainger