Louis Theroux - Extreme Love 2/2: Dementia

BBC, Louis Theroux

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Title: Louis Theroux - Extreme Love 2/2: Dementia
Producer: BBC, Louis Theroux
Category: Health, Society
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Added: Apr 28th 2012
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Louis Theroux travels to Phoenix in Arizona for the second part of his documentary about "Extreme Love". In this part he visits the residential institution "Beatitudes", home to people who suffer from dementia.

Louis tries to interact with the inhabitants, and notices that they are often living in the past.
He meets up with one of the few men on the floor, Gary, who used to be a dentist and lives in the institution still thinking he practices his profession.
Like many other residents he doesn't realize that his stay there is permanent and that he can't leave. One day he is packing his clothes and personal items in the idea that he is leaving and going home.
Gary is married. He however doesn't remember his wife anymore but thinks she is just a business partner.

89 Years old Nancy lives at home with her husband John. Due to her Alzheimer, Nancy often doesn't remember her husband and John has to remind her showing the pictures of them together that they are married.

Celinda is only 49 years old, but already has been diagnosed with Alzheimer at her 47th. She lives with together with her husband Glen and their 9 year old daughter Kelly. While Celinda often can't remember the most basic things, they still have to raise Kelly together.

For many people residential care isn't an option due to the high costs associated with this, and they end up having to look after their loved ones as they often aren't even recognized.


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