Louis Theroux - Extreme Love 1/2: Autism

BBC, Louis Theroux

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Title: Louis Theroux - Extreme Love 1/2: Autism
Producer: BBC, Louis Theroux
Category: Society, Psychology
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Added: Apr 22nd 2012
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Louis Theroux travels to America again, where 1 in 100 children is diagnosed with autism. Louis takes a look at several families in which one or more children has this diagnosis, and how the family deals with this.

Visiting schools were the ratio student/teacher is 1 on 2, Louis looks how autism influences the kids and the problems it gives.
He visits the home of Nicky, a 19 year old student who is soon to go to a more regular school. As he is preparing for this Louis follows him and looks at his first day outside of the DLC warden.

He also visits Brian, who is severely autistic and set the house on fire when he was 8. This has led to him being placed in residential care, separated from his mother who couldn't control him anymore after he attacked her.


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