Louis Theroux - America's Most Dangerous Pets

BBC, Louis Theroux

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Title: Louis Theroux - America's Most Dangerous Pets
Producer: BBC, Louis Theroux
Category: Nature, Society
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Added: Nov 4th 2011
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Did you know that there are more Tigers in the US than there are in the wild? Louis Theroux visits several places where 'Americas Most Dangrous Pets' are being held.
He visits Joe “Exotic” who owns a private zoo with 167 tigers, just as a tornado is coming up.
Through the documentary, Louis keeps asking the owners of the animals if they think the animals are happy like this and if they wouldn't prefer a life in the wild. Most owners have an interesting opinion about that.
From cuddling-tigers-road-shows to woman who carry their monkeys dressed on their shoulders, Louis delivers us another interesting documentary about the life of these animals and their often unusual owners.


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