Extreme Chickfights - Raw & Uncut

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Title: Extreme Chickfights - Raw & Uncut
Producer: Unknown
Category: Sports, Society
Views: 6399
Added: Jun 22nd 2011
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Get an inside look at all-girl fight clubs where women take it to the ring with raw, rugged, raunchy, fist-to-jaw action that takes you inside the world of an authentic fight club.

Extreme Chick Fights is an "all you can watch" buffet of extreme punch-fests, featuring bare-knuckle brawls and beat downs where ladies go for the gold while tearing each other apart. Here is your private invitation to go underground and watch women of all kinds-- from housewives to school teachers-- throw it down in secret warehouse grudge matches.

This is a bare-knuckle party where the rules are learned blow-by-blow. No crybabies allowed.


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