Evolution Vs. God

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Title: Evolution Vs. God
Producer: Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, Mark Spence, Eddie Roman
Category: Religious
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Added: Sep 3rd 2013
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Evolution Vs. God is a documentary trying to challenge the theory of evolution. Evangelical leader Ray Comfort, known as the bananaman, interviews evolution proponents (mostly students) from different universities in the United States and tries to expose the so called "unscientific nature" of evolution which he refers to as a "blind faith", not science. The film tries to show intelligent design as a competing theory and suggests that the academe continues to bully intelligent design as an option. The film also aims to get some evidence for Macroevolution.


Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, Mark Spence, Eddie Roman, Evolution Vs. God, documentary, free, god, evolution