Clarkson: The Good the Bad the Ugly

Jeremy Clarkson, Brian Klein (director)

Title: Clarkson: The Good the Bad the Ugly
Producer: Jeremy Clarkson, Brian Klein (director)
Category: Technology
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Added: Apr 27th 2011
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This year Jezza takes the cream of Europes super-cars to the USA to pit them against America's finest, with highlights including a race up a mountain between a Cadillac Escalade, a Hummer H2 and a Range Rover, and a straight head-to-head race between a BMW Z4M and a Dodge Viper SRT 10. Along the way he also fills an old Jag and an old Buick with water, blows up a Harley-Davidson, has a Toyota Prius shot to pieces and outruns John Q. Law in an Ariel Atom...


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