Challenging Chavez

Al Jazeera, Activate, Luis Del Valle

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Title: Challenging Chavez
Producer: Al Jazeera, Activate, Luis Del Valle
Category: Society, Politics, Activate
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Added: Jan 27th 2013
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Hugo Chavez is a hero to many of his typically middle and working class supporters. But now some are beginning to question the Venezuelan president who they believe is increasingly acting like a dictator by restricting their freedoms and attacking an independent judiciary.

This film follows the charismatic leader of a student movement, Movement 13, that is trying to challenge Chavez. Villca Fernandez takes his group on a cross country journey to Caracas, the capital, to celebrate Venezuela's Independence Day in their own way.

Their plan: To get media attention. But on the eve of their protests it is announced that Chavez has cancer. The struggle for attention gets harder and a fellow student is arrested. Can they remain determined and united?


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