Australian Druglords

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Title: Australian Druglords
Producer: Channel 9
Category: Society
Views: 5279
Added: Apr 2nd 2011
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Channel 9's popular cop show Australian Druglords may have thrilled viewers but the revealing series has outraged police who claim it is risking the lives of officers. While the New South Wales Police Force and its media unit had signed off on the series, the first episode was enough to spark complaints from officers that the show compromised the identities of undercover operatives. It is understood those concerns led to last-minute edits on the second episode about Olympic kayaker turned drug dealer Nathan Baggaley. There were a lot of people who couldn't understand why NSW Police would co-operate to that level to expose sensitive operations, one police source said about the force's decision to back a show highlighting undercover operations. NSW Police Association president Scott Weber confirmed that officers had complained the show - which pays the force for access to officers - had gone too far.One complaint was that, while the faces of undercover officers were blurred, their voices could be clearly heard and footage of their bodies could have made them identifiable.


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