Alfred's Free Press

Al Jazeera, Witness, David Lale

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Title: Alfred's Free Press
Producer: Al Jazeera, Witness, David Lale
Category: Society, Witness
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Added: Sep 5th 2012
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In Liberia, a country where radios and televisions are luxuries most people cannot afford, one enterprising journalist has found a way to get daily news and information to Liberians. Alfred Sirleaf founded an innovative newspaper, The Daily Talk.

The paper is Alfred's answer to the misinformation he says caused Liberia's brutal civil war. His innovation is to write it up each day on a blackboard in the centre of the capital, Monrovia, accessible to all.

Witness goes behind the scenes of The Daily Talk, following the tireless Alfred in his pursuit of news and getting to know some of the readers who make the newspaper a central part of their daily routine.


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