Air Crash Investigation - S04E04 Final Approach (Korean Air Flight 801)

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Title: Air Crash Investigation - S04E04 Final Approach (Korean Air Flight 801)
Producer: National Geographic, Cineflix Productions
Category: Mystery, Air Crash Investigation (Mayday)
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Added: Oct 26th 2011
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On 6 August 1997, the crew of Korean Air Flight 801 was unable to see the runway during final approach for a night landing in Guam. They initiated a missed approach but then crashed into a low hill, killing 228 people. A combination of pilot error and the ILS system at Guam airport being temporarily out of service for maintenance work were blamed.

Type of aircraft: Boeing 747-300.
Cause of disaster: CFIT resulting from foul weather, Pilot error, improper training, inoperable ILS.


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