Frequently Asked Questions

Why does none of your documentaries play for me?

For most of our documentaries, you will need to have Adobe Flash player installed. If you do not have this, please get it here:

Can I play your documentaries on my iPod/iPhone/iPad?

Unfortunately, most of the documentaries on our website require you to support a Flash Player and flash video.
Documentaries hosted on YouTube should be visible without any problems on devices supporting HTML5.

I get a message a certain documentary is not available, or the documentary does not load

There can be several reasons for this. Please check first if other documentaries at our website do play for you.
If you can not get any video to play, make sure you have Adobe Flash installed.
If only that specific documentary is broken, it is possible that it is not available in your area or that the documentary was removed from the hosting site.
Please use the Report broken video button at the page to report any broken documentaries.

What does "Task Queue failed at step 5: Playlist could not be loaded: XML could not be parsed or playlist was empty" mean?

This means that the YouTube playlist this documentary exists of is empty. This is likely caused by all the videos in it being removed due to copyright. Please report these videos as broken.

Can I publish my work on your site?

We are happy to place any documentary we consider interesting on our website. In most cases, we can however not host it for you. The best thing to do is to upload the documentary to a video hosting site, and then send the link to us afterwards.
If you have more questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us about it.

Copyright Questions

Most of the documentaries at our website are not hosted at our server, but at external sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Sevenload and others.
If you do not like your work being available on these sites, please contact the hosting site directly instead of contacting us.
We assume all documentaries available on the web are either in public domain or posted there by the copyright owner.
If you do not like your work being displayed on our site, please contact us in order to get it removed.
Asking nicely always works better than threatning with legal action!