Android App is working on making our documentaries available on mobile phones and tablets!
Version 1.0 of our Android App is available for download. Download it from your phone or tablet by scanning the QR code on the right with the Barcode Scanner application or Google Goggles. This link will open the Google Play Store (former Android Market).
Alternatively you can click on the image below and choose to install it on your phone/tablet by clicking the 'Install' button, after which it will be sent automatically to your device.

Download from Google Play

If you cannot access the Google Play store, you can download the APK file directly here.

Current Features

  • New documentaries/Top documentaries
  • Browse by category
  • Search documentaries
  • Watch documentaries in the application (Requires flash for most documentaries)
  • Watch documentaries on your device (in the device video player or YouTube app)
  • NEW: Add documentaries to your 'watch list', so you can watch them later on the website
  • NEW: Logging in on your account
Known bugs:
  • Activating full-screen mode crashes the app on Android 4.0 (ICS). This looks like a bug beyond our control for now.


We need your feedback to improve our app. If the app is not working on your phone or you run into other issues, please let us know.
Also if you have ideas for new features you would like to see added:

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